Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun Phrases for Christmas to Share on Facebook

Fun Phrases for Christmas to Share on Facebook

Do  you want to make your friends Giggle?  Try sharing one of these phrases.  They will crack up laughing!
Merry Christmas!!

Dear Santa, It's that time of year again... Just so there is no misunderstanding, could you please define "good"?

Lets work something out Santa, I know I have been a bad girl all year but you have to admit it you enjoyed watching it.

Dear Father Christmas, this year I want a bigger bank balance and a smaller waist line - don't get them mixed up again please!

The holidays... family dysfunction at it's best!!! Jerry Springer, here we come!

just stole Santa's naughty girl list! Amazingly,
its almost identical to my friends list.

Christmas trees are like boobs. Fake ones are nice to look at, but real ones are better

So, the real moral of Rudolph's story is that no one will like you until you have something they want or need? Now that's the Christmas spirit!

I sure hope you like your Christmas gift ..It's a year's supply of me!

Dear Santa,
Can you please explain your interpretation of "bad" & "naughty" ? I kinda think we are on different pages with those 2 words..

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