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Happy Administrative Professionals Day Greetings

Happy Administrative Professionals Day Greetings
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Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day
When is Administrative Professionals Day?
APW is always the last full week in April. In 2012, Administrative Professionals Week is April 22-28, and Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 25.

The theme for the 2012 Administrative Professionals Day® is:  “Admins, the pulse of the office.”

Administrative Professionals Day will mark its 60th anniversary on April 25, 2012. Over those decades, the job of an administrative professional has changed dramatically thanks to new tools, techniques and seismic shifts in the economy and culture itself.

But admins have remained the steady center of efficiency through it all, helping ensure that jobs get done right, on time and under budget. Admins are one of the engines of business, particularly in a complex economy.

In a world that demands the accurate and speedy movement of digital information, admins are masters of data. And they do this while maintaining their more traditional role as the gatekeepers for many customers, clients and employees. Quite simply, admins are the pulse of the office.

About Administrative Professionals Week 
Since 1952, the International Association of Administrative Professionals has honored office workers by sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week.

Today, it is one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays.

In the year 2000, IAAP announced a name change for Professional Secretaries Week and Professional Secretaries Day. The names were changed to Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day to keep pace with changing job titles and expanding responsibilities of today’s administrative workforce.

Over the years, Administrative Professionals Week has become one of the largest workplace observances.

The event is celebrated worldwide, bringing together millions of people for community events, educational seminars and individual corporate activities recognizing support staff.

Today, there are more than 4.1 million secretaries and administrative assistants working in the United States, according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, and 8.9 million people working in various administrative support roles.

More than 475,000 administrative professionals are employed in Canada. Millions more administrative professionals work in offices all over the world.

Source: http://www.iaap-hq.org/

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Coloring Pages and Activities

Earth Day Coloring Pages and Activities 
Today I bring you some fun activities to share with your kids for Earth Day. Help them understand the importance of caring for our environment. 
Hope you like and enjoy them. Have fun!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day - How to Help our Planet?

Earth Day - How to Help our Planet?
Here are some tips and Ideas that you can use if you would like to make some changes to help our planet.  Hope you find them Useful.

If every household in the United State replaced one regular lightbulb with one of those new compact fluorescent bulbs, the pollution reduction would be equivalent to removing one million cars from the road.

DO NOT PRE-HEAT THE OVEN Unless you are making bread or pastries of some sort, don't pre-heat the oven. Just turn it on when you put the dish in. Also, when checking on your food, look through the oven window instead of opening the door.

TURN OFF COMPUTERS AT NIGHT By turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, you can save 40 watt-hours per day. That adds up to 4 cents a day, or $14 per year. If you don't want to wait for your computer to start up, set it to turn on automatically a few minutes before you get to work, or boot up while you're pouring your morning cup 'o joe.

DON'T RINSE Skip rinsing dishes before using your dishwasher and save up to 20 gallons of water each load. Plus, you're saving time and the energy used to heat the additional water. HANG DRY Get a clothesline or rack to dry your clothes by the air. Your wardrobe will maintain color and fit, and you'll save money. Your favorite t-shirt will last longer too.

WASH IN COLD OR WARM If all the households in the U.S. switched from hot-hot cycle to warm-cold, we could save the energy comparable to 100,000 barrels of oil a day. Only launder when you have a full load.

USE BOTH SIDES OF PAPER American businesses throw away 21 million tons of paper every year, equal to 175 pounds per office worker. For a quick and easy way to halve this, set your printer's default option to print double-sided (duplex printing). And when you're finished with your documents, don't forget to take them to the recycling bin.

USE ONE LESS PAPER NAPKIN During an average year, an American uses approximately 2,200 napkins—around six each day. If everyone in the U.S. used one less napkin a day, more than a billion pounds of napkins could be saved from landfills each year.

PLANT A TREE It's good for the air, the land, can shade your house and save on cooling (plant on the west side of your home), and they can also improve the value of your property. Make it meaningful for the whole family and plant a tree every year for each member.

TURN OFF LIGHTS Always turn off incandescent bulbs when you leave a room. Fluorescent bulbs are more affected by the number of times it is switched on and off, so turn them off when you leave a room for 15 minutes or more. You'll save energy on the bulb itself, but also on cooling costs, as lights contribute heat to a room.

GREENER LAWN CARE If you must water your lawn, do it early in the morning before any moisture is lost to evaporation. Have a few weeds? Spot treat them with vinegar. Not sure if you should rake? Normal clippings act as a natural fertilizer, let them be. If you've waited too long, rake by hand — it's excellent exercise.

RECYCLE ALUMINUM AND GLASS Twenty recycled aluminium cans can be made with the energy it takes to manufacture one brand new one. Every ton of glass recycled saves the equivalent of nine gallons of fuel oil needed to make glass from virgin materials.

Happy Earth Day Greetings and Graphics

Happy Earth Day Greetings and Graphics
Wish your Friends Happy Earth Day with one of these beautiful graphics and greetings made specially for this Earth Day.
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What is Earth Day 2012 – Eco Day 2012 – Earth Day Go Green

What is Earth Day 2012 – Eco Day 2012 – Earth Day Go Green
Go Green Earth Day 2012 is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. On Earth Day 2012, individuals and organizations demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

We are constantly surrounded by environmental challenges as our daily actions contaminate and degrade the fragile environment that humans and wildlife rely upon to survive.

International Earth Day 2012 unites numerous communities around the world, in a global celebration of the Earth’s gifts while spreading awareness about important environmental issues.

Serious environmental issues include climate change, environmental degradation, environmental health, and genetic engineering. The 2010 Oil Spill in the the Gulf of Mexico and the 2011 Japan Nuclear crisis will be important topics for International Earth Day 2012. Other important Earth Day topics will include alternative energy sources, nuclear energy alternatives, toxic environmental chemicals, endocrine disruption and neurotoxicity.

Green Earth Day makes every effort to stop global warming and to reverse environmental destruction. Come 2013, we hope to make great headway with environmental initiatives.

Source:  http://earthday2012.com/

When is Earth Day 2012?

When is Earth Day 2012?
Earth Day Celebration on 2012 is Sunday April 22.
Schools, businesses, communities and green organizations will be celebrating Earth Day 2012 all week long. This is known as Earth Week 2012.
In 2012, Earth Day 2012 falls on a Sunday.   Earth Day will be commemorated by millions around the world.   Join in local Earth Day Celebrations, Events and Activities for Earth Day 2012.
Are you planning on joining any Fun Earth Day Celebration in your Area?

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Activities - Recycled Projects

Earth Day Activities - Recycled Projects
Earth Day is all about remembering how to appreciate our environment and take care of it. Today I bring you some great ideas so you can make with your kids with recycled things that you have at home and have some fun.
Hope you like them. Happy Earth Day!